Why I rarely use landscape fabric

Far too many times I see landscaping fabric used for the wrong application. There are cases where the use of landscaping fabric is justified. Using landscape fabric in the correct way will help eliminate future problems down the road. It is important that nothing will completely stop weeds from growing. Organic matter will find its way onto any surface. Seeds get […]

Care tips for cedar hedges

Cedars are probably the most popular choice for hedging. They can live up to 80 years on average and can grow quite tall if left to reach their full height – which makes for a great pricacy hedge. When planting new cedars, it is best to plant in early spring before the summer heat. Watering regularly with a soaker hose […]

ALWAYS welcoming new mow clients

It is now August and getting late into the growing season. However, Tusk is ready to take on new lawncare clients in both Abbotsford and Langley (including Aldergrove). The schedule for residential lawn mowing is performed at the end of each week, Thursday and Friday so our clients have a fresh lawn for the weekend. Mow contracts are for weekly […]

Tusk Landscaping is a friendly and professional solution for nearly any residential or commercial landscape service. Tusk’s service areas are Abbotsford, Langley, and Chilliwack. We offer: – Weekly lawn mowing – Hedge trimming – Paving stones – Artificial turf – Sod installation – Garden and yard cleanup – Topdressing and overseeding – Retaining walls – Aeration – Dethatching – Bark […]