Care tips for cedar hedges

Cedars are probably the most popular choice for hedging. They can live up to 80 years on average and can grow quite tall if left to reach their full height – which makes for a great pricacy hedge.

  • When planting new cedars, it is best to plant in early spring before the summer heat.
  • Watering regularly with a soaker hose works ok. But for even better results aim for a deep soaking twice a week.
  • The best time to trim a cedar hedge is late fall, winter, or very early spring when the tree is still completely dormant.
  • Fertilizing – there isn’t much cedars need. Besides, most fertilizers contain ingredients that can be harmful to cedar roots. The best thing you can do as an added nutrient boost is to apply bone meal in the early spring.
  • Please please please if you are adding mulch – do not make large mounds of mulch around the base of the tree. Go light on the mulch ans do not crowd the base of the trunk.


If you did not do anything of these things yes your tree will likely live. But follow even some of these tips and will have healthy and happy hedges.

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