When should you water your lawn?

When should you water your lawn?

This summer without a doubt has been extremely dry all over the Pacific Northwest. Sadly most of us without irrigation systems are faced with some very brown lawns.

If your grass is still green, congratulations! You are still in the game. For those of you with brown patches there may still be hope. A simple test to tell if brown grass is dead or alive is to tug on some clumps of grass. Truly dead grass will pull out of the ground with virtually no resistance. You can revive brown areas if the roots are still holding on firmly. What happens in this case is the grass has stopped all upper growth in an effort to preserve the root system so that it can survive.

So when do you water?

Earling in the morning. Between 6am and 10am ideally.

Watering in the mid-day heat will cause too much evaporation and therefore cause a huge waste of water.

Watering in the late evening will not allow excess water to exporate possibly leading to fungal rot and other issues.

For how long do you water?

30-45 minutes daily on the extremely hot days is enough to keep your lawn healthy and alive.



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